Isn't a bittersweet feeling when you open up your bag of souvenirs from your trips and you just take a trip down the memory lane? It does not have to be just this, but it can also be something you use, wear or see. But the trick will always be to find interesting and unique souvenirs either for yourself or for your family, friends and loved ones. Here in Singapore, it is not that hard of a search to get back home with a pack full of goodies.

Here is a small curated list of things you can take back home from singapore that are affordable:

  1. Souvenirs with Miniature Merlion- I know what you're thinking, not this cliche thing again. But hey, it's cute. Merlion is a unique man-made creature with the upper half representing a lion and the other half of the body of a mermaid. Essentially meaning and representing the ‘lion city' aka the old name singapura. You can buy a range of items like chains, refrigerator magnets, can openers, ashtrays, as well as chocolates with miniature merlion carved in it. The starting range for these items is just 2 SGD per item.

  1. Singapore Pressed Pennies- costing only at 2 SGD per penny, elongated coins engraved with iconic designs that make excellent souvenir tokens for you to take back home. The best part is you can make your own using the automatic machines that are kept outside a lot of tourist attractions like Gardens By The Bay gift shop,  Universal Studios Singapore, National Museum of Singapore and many more.

  1. Flavored Nuts from China Town- with a wide range of flavoured nuts like peanuts, walnuts, almonds and pistachios coated with a lot of flavours. None of their names will be remembered but the taste will surely stay with you everytime you come back here. It is a worth snack that needs to be carried back home from here.

  1. Peranakan Souvenirs- Originated from the Peranakan community, these prints are found everywhere in singapore. dresses, men’s shirts, bags or pouches you are bound to find the fabric on all of them. If you're a shoe lover or any of your loved ones are, then you'd have to go all the way down to the Arab street where you would find these lovely hand weaved beads slippers that carry the Peranakan community stamp. You can also look at the crockery and cutlery section, they're just too pretty and it's possibly a crime to be this pretty.

  1. Tiger Balm Products- yes you read that right, the best version of amrutanjan here in india. This brand is older than the country itself, Originated from the early ancient court of Chinese emperors this balm has proved to have instant healing. Depending upon its size the cost varies from SGD 2 - SGD 10, and there are more than one products rolling out. Check them out and grab 'em while you can.

  1. Ya-Kun Kaya Spread (Coconut Jam)- Kaya Jam and butter sandwiched between two toasted slices of bread is the staple breakfast that you can have on any street or any house on a daily basis. It's called The Kaya Toast, also alongside soft boiled eggs. Because of its deliciousness, the jam is accessory to many dishes including various desserts and cakes.

  1.  Orchid Perfumes- Orchids have exquisite aromas, and this is especially for your loved ones. With an elegant and pleasant range of collection for both female and male, a fragrance captures the memories of the trip to keep it alive. You can find these exotic perfumes at Marina Bay Cruise Centre, Singapore Visitor Center and all major departmental stores and supermarkets costing SGD 28 - SGD 168 depending upon the size.

  1. Durian based products- you either love them or hate them, there is no inbetween. Carry home the Cookies Durian flavored, Durian flavored Coffee and Durian Sandwich Biscuits and enjoy them in your house.

  1. Orchid Jewelry-  the national flower of Singapore - The hybrid purple orchid, found very commonly at Changi Airport are the earrings and pendants with small flowers shining through the glass moldings. They come in various colors, sizes and shapes and are priced around 20 SGD more or less which makes a perfect give for all your lady friends out there.

  1. Laksa paste - the laksa soup base is frozen in advance and a ready to cook paste is packed for you which is a perfect blend of Malay and Chinese styles of cooking. This paste makes your recipe to cook a traditional Peranakan noodle soup very easy and smooth. They are originally made of laksa leaves, prawn paste, lemongrass and coconut milk. You can find various ready to cook pastes in Supermarkets that may interest the chef in you or  back home including satay sauces, chicken rice paste and many more. The Cost of this paste ranges from SGD 5 - SGD 10 Depending on Quantity.

Pro tip: always spend your last day here in Singapore shopping and discovering its popular markets that sell crafts, decor art and cutlery. Collecting Souvenirs is the best part of the trip that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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